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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where did the wheels come off?

Bush may very well have crippled the plane, but Obama flew it into the ground without trying to land properly.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Everyone is a Lawbreaker

It is impossible to got through the day without breaking some law, rule, regulation, or statute, unless one stays home and does not much. Everyone is a lawbreaker of one kind or another. Enforcement of everything is not possible, as you might logically point out, so the authorities can pick and choose what to use against you should you be singled out of the herd for any reason. There is widespread contempt for the law nowadays. A cynic might point out because it is contemptible.

An example: In Hong Kong one can start a business by spending 15 minutes filling out a one-page form and paying a small fee. In New York City it takes about 6 months and many thousands of dollars to legally open a lemonade stand, and you still might not be able to do so. The former is a Special Administrative Region of the largest Communist country in the world, while the latter is suffering from law constipation in the land of personal freedom and free enterprise.

Ironies abound.

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