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Monday, July 19, 2010

Fear the Bogey Man, Toto...

Hound Dog responds to yet more refutable internet blather sent this way.

Latest is the claim that President Obama made a policy that no U.S. serviceman can speak at any faith-based public events anymore. Hound Dog replies:

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What you just sent me is another bullshit story circulating the Internet for over a year now:

Energy would be best spent learning actual facts on what is going on in this country. What's happening now in predictable progression is exactly what happens when totalitarianism takes over. President Obama is the sock puppet spokesman for this, exactly as President Bush was. Neither is clever or powerful enough to come up with this on their own...duh! The voters are not educated enough to see it does not matter who is seated behind the green curtain (White House).

We really aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

The truth is far worse than most can (apparently) imagine. It is right in front of us, and does not require joining the vocally outraged to learn. A few months ago I gave you a tiny hint, and all the tools necessary, for one small thing you could check for yourself...I'll bet you didn't, and neither does anyone else to whom I mention this. Not an attempt to change your mind, but simply a suggestion to look at some evidence, and then make up your own mind based on new facts.

Interesting study in human nature, reminds me of childhood. Don't open the door in the dark, there really might be a Bogeyman there. Wikipedia says, "Bogeyman can be used metaphorically to denote a person or thing of which someone has an irrational fear."

The Bogeymen in this story are the plain facts available to anyone with a computer, and consist of news media footage often only once seen (I personally saw two examples of this on 9/11), original interviews with eyewitnesses that include police and fireman on the scene, and comments by our leaders before troublesome utterances were edited out, a college professor explaining basic applied physics, and the like. These clips are still out there because nobody in the free world dares censor the internet....Yet.

If you don't like me commenting on this forwarded stuff every once in awhile, don't send it to me. Everything you hear from me are my own words. I usually never talk about things of this nature. And in the words of Bobbie Blake, "I am neither a leader nor a follower."
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