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Monday, March 22, 2010


Hound Dog thinks it is time to take back our country. We are now just about over the crest of the first hill on the roller coaster, and almost too late. Downhill acceleration will soon be unstoppable. October elections are our last chance. It is time to flush the Washington toilet and vote incumbents out.

The left-wing nuts in congress have just about setup the destruction of our country. Too severe a backlash in October will install right-wing nuts, just as bad.

Hound Dog is one of the (apparent) few that does not see much difference between George Bush and President Obama, just as several orders of magnitude worse, there was not much difference among Hitler, Stalin, and the Acadamia nut leftist icon Mao, who murdered more people than the first two monsters combined.


Friday, March 05, 2010

Toyota recalls

I think this is beginning to feel and sound like a government dirty trick to discredit one of the best built mass produced automobiles in the world, with the Camry being the most popular car in America. (With the Fed owning GM, I imagine any recalls of the stuff they make will be suppressed). I suspect the reason why Toyota can't fix the problem is that there is no problem. Think about it; how could they not be able to fix a problem that has been happening since the first car was built 125 years ago? My guess is dirty politics as usual, and the Toyota officials cannot deal with it.

Things become very clear when you simply assume everyone is lying about everything all the time. (It does not make one feel any better, though).

Think about it: no yellow cake and weapons of mass destruction (per George Bush), no Saddam-al Qaeda connection (per CIA), no Gulf of Tonkin incident (per Robert McNamara), not a single shooter in the JFK assassination (determined by congress less than 20 years after - bet you didn't know that), etc. The list of big lies is endless, ongoing, and non-stop.

Anyway, that's my take on recalled Camrys. In the very unlikely event your gas pedal does stick wide open, slip into neutral, a simple manuever. Modern cars will not over-rev, so this will sound like hell but will not hurt the engine. Do not panic, or shut the engine off, or try to stop with the brakes, etc. Simply slip into neutral. Practice this a few times until you know what you are doing. Coast to a safe place and shut the engine off.