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Monday, June 07, 2010

Internet Blather - President Obama Not a Citizen?

According to Snopes this is false. Hound Dog (HD) says, "I don't think anyone has ever proven Snopes.com wrong, or that Snopes is pushing some agenda:"

Snopes 1st Reference

Snopes 2ndReference

HD's version of reality is that everyone is lying about everything all the time. Thus all bitter disappointments are eliminated, and occasionally a pleasant surprise come along.

Notice how skeptics pick up disparaging labels, "Birthers" in this case (See Snopes first reference above). HD suspects that if President Obama was self-confident and well adjusted, he simply would make public all his records and make the "Birthers" look like idiots, so your choices are: (1) he is a charlatan and a liar (AFA HD is concerned already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt on YouTube by simply showing news clips of his own words contradicting himself), or (2) he is so badly adjusted personality-wise that he can't simply make himself prove some allegations wrong, i.e., royalty complex or something, and to think he wants to run every aspect of your future...and has his finger on the button...and has obviously never been in charge of anything before.

Aside: Another disparaging label is "Truthers" for those folks who contend that the official version of 9/11 is pure bullshit. "Birthers" have to depend on some entity coming up with indisputable records. "Truthers" only need citizens with a smattering knowledge of physics, chemistry, and logic to look at the facts available to anyone. IMO, the reason most people do not do this is that the possibility of the allegation being true is too horrible to contemplate. That type of mindset is what will bring us down - refusal to accept observable reality as the truth. We are all part of the problem.

HD is amazed to learn just how fragile democracy really is. Endless whining on the internet is not going to solve anything. We need to get back to the basics and define exactly what constitutes a fact, then find some, then act on them. IOW, there are the whiners and the doers.

It's an uphill fight. There are no more journalists (remember them, reporting the facts and letting the reader decide?). There is no more educational system teaching kids how to reason, and to think for themselves. Who ever thought that was a good idea, anyway, as they would be resistant to what is now, in actual fact, an indoctrination system designed to teach them to absorb blather from the left, follow the government official lies, believe the new pseudo science to help get everyone in line, and to not question anything that might remotely hurt someone's feelings?

Oh, and when exactly did the term "liar" stop being an insult? Answer: About the time HD drew the conclusion he did about liars. (See paragraph after the links above). Time frame starts just after President Reagan left the Oval Office.