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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zero Population Growth

My feeling is most people think the ZPG movement is a good thing due to limited world resources, quality of life issues, and the like. I would have to agree, that as an intellectual concept, all the arguments make perfect sense.

Unintended consequences, however, include the Muslim intention to conquer western civilization through simply having large families. European birthrates are now below the replacement rate while Muslim birthrates are exploding in Europe. This will logically have to result in a dramatic demographic change within a couple of generations. According to what I've read, in Belgium and France, Muslim immigrants already make up more than 50 percent of the student bodies. How do you say, "Die infidel scum!" in French, anyway? Not too many people are aware that the Muslim sorties from their ghettos just a couple of years ago resulted in over 50,000 burned cars during those riots. Didn't really learn anything about that on TV, did we? Burning cars in the street has become an annual event to celebrate New Years.

Another, much more amusing, consequence of ZPG is that China (You remember, the country with whom we are still technically at war; to whom America will shortly be paying annual interest equal to our gross national product on the money we borrowed to finance our new-age parasite economy; the very same country to whom we gave away most of our manufacturing capabilities, putting millions of Americans permanently out of work?) now has to import foreign workers to do our work there. Lets see how they deal with that; better than than the European Union, I'll bet.

Probably most everyone in China with an IQ above room temperature will soon be reexamining the official, enforced, one-family-one-child policy. An unintended consequence of that is that there are millions of Chinese men with no corresponding Chinese women. Luckily, there soon will be floods of foreign third-world workers showing up just in time. Unfortunately, hybrids are not regarded warmly in China. In my experience, having working closely with real Chinese people, they really do feel that everyone who is not Chinese is inferior. As we have learned from the Modern Progressive movement, only white people are capable of being racist, so this fact cannot be explained in the Newspeak of modern journalism.

Our language is being crippled by political correctness, so transferal of factual information to the masses is difficult at best. Actually, what is a fact, anyway? My definition says it is simply a very unpopular way to describe reality.