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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Newsweek Has Different Cover for Home Edition

Hound Dog has long contended that the news media in the United States is subject to US government control to an unknown extent. What is really in play here is unknown: coercion, intimidation, voluntary censorship, whatever. The link below shows another clue supporting Hound Dog’s contention that the mainstream news media deliberately controls what news the American people see, rather than simply reporting all news on an impartial basis, which should be the standard for true journalism.

Here we have Newsweek announcing to the world on the covers of the current international issues that we are “Losing Afghanistan,” while the domestic issue is completely innocuous. Amazing! Could this be so that the truth about the situation in Afghanistan would not be on American newsstands and delivered to our homes, contradicting the rosy picture the Bush/Karzai mutual love fest painted at their press conference of today?

Check out the international Newsweek covers here. See cover for the USA edition, hidden down on the left.

There has to be an official explanation for this.


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