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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pervert pushes nukes off center stage, 'til now

Almost two weeks ago, in my posting of Friday, August 18, 2006, I remarked, "...now we are all watching endless coverage of the fake JonBenet Ramsey killer, John Mark Karr to take our minds off the over-hyped London terror plot." When the TV news today gets sick of whining about the Boulder CO DA, and discussing the big rainstorm in Florida, they'll be moving on to the next obsessive-compulsive TV news story. I predicted North Korean nuke tests would be up next. I hope not.

I can't be the only one who noticed the North Korean nukes' brief appearance in the center ring, only to get the hook to make room for the prissy pervert from Thailand, drinking champagne on the way to Boulder, and making a fool out of the criminal justice system, TV news bunnies, and anyone else that confused his now-publicized sick fantasies for evidence.

What do possible nuke-capable “Axis of Evil” wannabies learn from our conduct?

1. If we pretend a country (Iraq) has a nuclear weapons program, we will invade, destabilize their society, and create a proving ground for al-Qaeda.

2. If we suspect a country (Iran) is on the verge of producing an actual nuclear weapon, we make a lot of noise, offer enormous bribes, make threats, call for boycotts and sanctions, etc.

3. If we know a country (North Korea) really does have nuclear weapons, we mostly ignore them. The country never shows up in the news, unless there is a major incident, such as a long-range missile test. When that happens, we refuse to talk to them ourselves. We try to get a gang together for strength and intimidation. And, of course, we make a lot of noise, offer enormous bribes, make threats, etc. There are already boycotts and sanctions in place which, I suggest, is making the situation worse. Animals, people, and countries become really dangerous when they are cornered with nothing to lose.

Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Tunnels Under the DMZ

We have 30,000 – 40,000 active troops in South Korea. They have overstayed their welcome, and are becoming a rallying point for anti-American feelings in that country. Their main purpose, if you spend some time thinking about it, is to put up a good fight trying to stop a North Korean invasion and then die. I suggest there would not even be a fight. North Korea will simply detonate nuclear mines under the American lines in the DMZ, a tactic that found moderately success during WWI using conventional explosives. This ignoble defeat of our troops will so inflame the American people that we will go along with all-out war with North Korea.

See PBS background article here
Information on acknowledged tunnels

Logic tells us to get out of Korea ASAP. We should rig it so South Korea asks us to leave, then simply leave. There is a better chance of peace with that immediate action. (Can we learn something from our overstay in Saudi Arabia?) Even in the worst case, I doubt a unified Korea would be any more of an actual threat to the USA than North Korea is right now. (A unified Vietnam was not, for example). If it is, we simply will have to use more nukes than we originally thought, trying to turn a seriously mountainous country into a radioactive slagheap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering those tunnels going from North Korea and under the DMZ: What do your skeptics think they are for - easy access to year end clearance sales at Wal-Mart in Seoul for loveable North Korean citizens? The nut-in-charge in the north, Kim Jong Il, has received nuclear materials from Pakistan (you remember, our new buddy since 9/11?) thus speeding up production, and he has the missiles to reach God-knows-where.

11:28 AM  

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