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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Does anyone see anything really odd...?

Does anyone see anything really odd about the most recent foiled terrorist plot? According to Bread & Circuses, i.e., the TV news media, the following are facts: 1. All the plotters were based in England, and all but a few are in custody; 2. No elements of this plot were discovered in American after extensive investigation; 3. The targeted flights all originated in England, with a destination in America.

Questions: 1. Why are they shaking down passengers on all domestic flights in the USA? 2. If the authorities are so worried about copycats, why are not these measures taking place in every airport in the world that has flights destinated in the USA? 3. Why isn't all baggage screened, or are all terrorist smart enough to get through personal screening, but not quite smart enough to rig an automatic device? 4. How come there is still no in-depth screening performed on the support infrastructure, such as food catering, cleaning services, baggage handlers, maintenance workers, refuelers, etc.?

I think this is a big show designed to cover up the fact nobody has a clue what to do. In the past the authorities said they were foiling plots all the time, but could not discuss them because of revealing too much information to our enemies...what's different now?

A last minute revelation is that running passengers' shoes through the x-ray machine does not detect explosives, a procedure that has been in effect since the so-called shoe bomber was foiled. Gee, thanks AP for letting all the terrorists know they can carry explosives in their shoes.


Blogger Gail Woodbury said...

You have a good point! It is a good time for the Hawks to find a terrorist plot to get sentiment for the support of Isreal. Then it will give them support to go into Iran to fight terrorist too. History repetes itself. The Hawks need to drum up support for their attack on Iran. The bomb plot can provide an issue to gather sentiment around in the next months.

8:26 AM  

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